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Training for Higher Education businesses

Training for Higher Education businesses
At Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA) we understand the issue many businesses in the higher education industry face.  Managing staff and students is filled with complexity, risk and emotions. 

Building a culture of collaboration and co-operation is important for any business.  Training your staff is one step to improve morale, build co-operation and upskill the team to manage tricky situations.  

Our training courses have been developed to upskill senior executives, team leaders, managers and staff on areas that could result in legal action if the right behaviour, processes and procedures are not followed. These courses are a mix of practical exercises and theory, giving participants plenty of time to share their stories or workshop their key issues.  They are also designed for business owners and employees who need to understand the impact of their actions in the workplace.  

Below you will see the current courses now available.  These change regularly so please let us know if you'd like to be added to the waitlist for one of the 'coming soon' courses. 

If you want to send more than a few staff members to a course and are looking at a dedicated training event for your team, get in touch and we can provide you with the cost to tailor a course and come to your business.   

Past participants have rated our courses very highly and always give our presenters a big tick for knowledge, expertise and presentation skills.  Try us out.  You won't be disappointed.  

Courses now open: 

Harassment, bullying and discrimination
The recent attention to workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination magnifies the importance of training staff in what constitutes 'appropriate' behaviour.  Managers need to lead by example and be able to stop this behaviour from happening within their teams.  Training plays a key role.  Ignorance is no longer a  defence when a complaint is lodged.  Your business could face severe financial penalties and brand damage when an employee files a grievances against another employee.  This training will guide you through the various signs of harassment, bullying and discrimination and what you can do to minimise this behaviour from happening.  It will highlight the importance of having clear workplace policies in place and will walk you through case studies.
Performance management
Performance management is so much more than performance appraisal.  It is a tool for businesses to manage under-performing staff, to recognise the high performers and to identify skill gaps within the team.  It is also a  powerful tool to build a positive and high performing culture within a business if used correctly.  In this training you will uncover how to implement a productive process for managing performance which will add to a harmonious and productive workplace.  You will review cases of misconduct and poor performance, learn how and when to provide positive feedback and the options available when you need to actively performance manage someone out of the business.  
Workplace investigations training and how to get it right
Despite best intentions and training your team in managing poor behaviour, discrimination and bullying, you can't control what happens all the time.  When an incident does occur it is imperative that you act swiftly and in a manner, that when questioned in a court of law, would withstand scrutiny.  In this course you will gain a thorough understanding of the process to follow, how to gather evidence, interview techniques and much more.  With all the focus on #MeToo, your staff know what is acceptable behaviour and what is not.  As an employer you have a duty of care to ensure any complaint is handled correctly and sensitively, minimising the potential damage to all parties involved.  
Employment law fundamentals
Every business owner, hr professional or any manager involved in the recruitment process should attend this course.  Understanding the employment law fundamentals around recruitment, onboarding, performance management and probation periods could be the difference in defending an unfair dismissal claim.  This course will cover the basic employment law legislation, what policies and processes you need to have in place, and the options when things just didn't work out and you need to end employment.  Practical examples will provide hands-on experience so you can walk away and implement these basic employment law rules immediately.  

ABLA conducts training courses on a range of other topics including:

  • Work health and safety fundamentals
  • Managing ill and injured workers
  • Enterprise bargaining (advanced course)
If your business has a larger team of managers that would benefit from training, get in touch and let us know your key areas of focus.  ABLA can tailor an in-house course to suit your team and industry.  Call 1300 565 846 or email

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