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Cyber Security, Data Protection and Privacy

Cyber Security, Data Protection and Privacy

For businesses in Australia and worldwide, the potential reputational and financial risks associated with cyber security and data breach incidents are serious and very real.  Regulators are closely monitoring data protection and privacy law compliance on a global basis, and so are tech-savvy customers.  Cyber security is no longer just an IT issue, but must be proactively managed by organisations and their boards across all areas of their business.

Our team of leading experts work closely with businesses and utilise a seamless, multi-disciplinary approach to cover all aspects of cyber security, data breach and privacy, with legal experts in information technology, risk, intellectual property, cloud services, workplace relations, privacy and corporate laws.  We assist businesses with best practice protection, to create a proactive and preventative culture of cyber security and data protection that ensures compliance with applicable laws.  This includes responding, when you suspect there has been an incident and you need legal advice from investigation to implementation of incident response strategies, dealing with regulators and managing remedial obligations. 

Create a culture of best practice cyber security, data protection and privacy by design with:

  • Tailored incident response plans 
  • Advice on mandatory data breach reporting
  • Privacy and data protection risk identification and management (Cyber Security, Data Protection and Privacy Audits)
  • Best practice policies and procedures (privacy policies, data retention, de-identification and destruction) 
  • Data breach response plans
  • Protection of proprietary information and breach of confidence issues 
  • Offshore data transfers, outsourcing and enterprise data storage advice, compliance and contracts 
  • Assistance with cyber insurance coverage
ABLA can help your business manage the investigation process and response to any cyber security and data breach incidents. Our specialist cyber security, business and workplace lawyers can advise you on:
  • Privacy and mandatory data breach reporting obligations
  • Confidential investigations, due diligence and necessary remedial actions 
  • Potential exposure of directors
  • Negative publicity and reputation management
  • The risk of collateral civil litigation and shareholder class actions
  • Workplace relations issues associated with staff breaches
  • Pre and post breach compliance reviews

View the fixed fee packages below that can help deliver peace of mind to your business.

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