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Workplace + Employment

Workplace + Employment

The workplace and employment team at ABLA are recognised by peers and industry as leaders in the field.  

Recently voted "Workplace and Employment Team of the Year" at the Australian Law Awards, the team have gained an enviable reputation for success in the following practice areas: 

Employment law

As leaders in employment law, ABLA can assist your business in running the entire gamut of employee requirements, from recruitment and on-boarding, to dismissal or retirement.  Our experts provide service and advice of the highest standard, whether it’s a quick HR query or assistance with an entire corporate restructure. 

ABLA can simplify your dealings with your employees, from contractors to directors, offering practical legal advice and solutions designed to keep your business compliant and productive at all times. 

We can help you with a wide range of employment law topics, including award servicing and interpretation, discrimination, dismissals and redundancies, enforcement of restraints, contract preparation, enterprise bargaining, work health and safety, workplace audits and investigations.

As a legal service provider servicing businesses only, ABLA specialises in employment law from an employer’s viewpoint, giving us an important edge when we take on your matter. We offer you a wealth of experience dealing with areas such as paid parental leave, social media policies and flexible work arrangements, all from the perspective of an employer.
ABLA can also help you avert a problem before it becomes serious. Contact us for advice as early as you can, and we’ll coach you on how to manage the situation and limit your exposure. If the situation does progress we help ease the load, assisting you with issues relating to unfair dismissal, unlawful termination and breach of contract.

Contact Joe Murphy or Luis Izzo on 1300 565 846 and let us help you succeed in business.

Industrial relations

ABLA is uniquely placed to assist you with industrial relations issues. Our team has substantial experience advising employers to resist unlawful industrial action through proceedings in courts and tribunals. Our broad experience as both lawyers and industrial relations advisers across many industries allows us to obtain commercially prudent resolutions to industrial problems – a strategic advantage when we are part of your team.

Our work in maintaining around 70 awards on behalf of the members of the NSW Business Chamber means  we  provide you with a comprehensive service. 

Enterprise bargaining

We assist clients with enterprise bargaining through:
  • development of enterprise agreement goals
  • formulation of negotiation plans
  • negotiation of agreements
  • handling of disputation during negotiations
  • drafting of enterprise agreements
  • registration of agreements.

Employment relations planning services

We will help establish and implement an employee relations plan to  manage the employment relations challenges for new businesses or businesses undergoing substantial change.  We provide assistance to in-house human resource and employment relations specialists to maintain and revise employment relations strategies, policies and procedures.

We  offer workplace audits, which provide a valuable diagnostic tool to human resource managers and employment relations specialists.

Underpayment and award compliance issues

ABLA has substantial experience assessing and defending allegations by employees and trade unions of the underpayment of employment entitlements. Our experience allows us to respond in a cost effective manner to underpayment claims.

Our services in this area include:
  • determining the application of awards and agreements to particular businesses/workplaces
  • undertaking workplace audits to determine whether time and wage systems comply with legal requirements
  • advising on allegations of underpayment, including determining assessments of potential liability towards employees
  • appearing in industrial tribunals in response to allegations of underpayment of entitlements
  • assisting employers to defend proceedings for the recovery of alleged underpayments.

Industrial disputes

Disputes arise in a range of circumstances, whether it be in the course of enterprise bargaining negotiations, or otherwise. Our significant experience in this area enables us to assist you to resolve disputes by negotiation, conciliation and, if necessary, arbitration.

Work, health and safety

ABLA has a leading  Work, Health and Safety (WHS) legal team headed by Jeremy Kennedy.   The team has extensive experience in acting for both private and public sector clients in WHS compliance matters, regulatory investigations, coronial inquests and prosecutions by regulators across NSW and Australia.

All business owners have responsibilities regarding health and safety in the workplace, not just for employees but also for customers and the public. Governments take work health and safety (WHS) legislation extremely seriously and are quick to enforce health and safety breaches and prosecute non-compliance.

The most effective way to avoid costly and damaging incidents is to ensure risk is properly managed and all legal requirements are met. That includes planning and producing tailored health and safety guidelines for your business and regular training to ensure all employees are aware of their rights, responsibilities, duties and obligations.

Whatever business you're in, creating a safe work environment is the most important investment you can make. 

Our experts in WHS law can guide you through some simple steps that will allow you to concentrate your efforts as well as help your business to be prepared in all situations.

  • How will you meet your most basic WHS obligations to provide safe premises, machinery, equipment and systems of work?
  • How do you establish these systems and ensure that all employees are fully trained and regularly updated?
  • Can you be sure that proper supervision is in place at all times?
  • What do you do when new staff commence? Is induction adequate?
  • Are all facilities and working environments up to expected safety standards?
  • What rights do union officials and workplace inspectors have?

We help businesses across a diverse range of industry sectors answer these questions every day. Our WHS lawyers have decades of experience and in-depth knowledge in workplace health and safety and are recognised nationally as among the best in the field.

We advise business, often at short notice, to resolve disputes and protect their business interests. We defend urgent applications, conduct workplace investigations, attend critical incidents and deal with industrial action as a corporate ‘first responder.’

And should the worst happen, we can assist in the preparation of a defence. Working together, we can help your business prevent the worst from happening.

Our experience tells us - a safe workplace is productive and prosperous.  Contact Jeremy Kennedy today on 1300 565 846.



Workplace investigations represent a significant risk and liability to your organisation if not carried out the right way. One of the common mistakes employers make is not getting a third party involved from the beginning.  The team at ABLA have the experience required in handling these sensitive incidents, providing advice, facilitation or mediation. 

ABLA understands when to undertake an investigation in the workplace and when other options would serve your business better.  

For a confidential discussion, contact Luis Izzo or Joe Murphy on 1300 565 846.

HR consulting

ABLA has an enviable access to capability across the whole people spectrum; employment law, IR, ER and HR - the synergies are obvious.
In the HR space our experience is hands-on and covers not-for profit through to leading ASX companies.

ABLA concentrate on:
  • Change management for acquisitions, divestment, improvement programs and cost reduction programs
  • Design and implemention of effective recruitment, on-boarding and talent management  processes
  • Remuneration, incentive and benefits strategies
  • Improving performance management processes and capability
  • Critical issue workforce planning
  • Simple documented HRMS to lock in practice and process
For a confidential discussion about your HR consulting needs, contact Nigel Ward, Director on 1300 565 846.


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